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Garage Door Service in Marvin, NC

No matter how small or large your garage door project is, the team at Garage Door Repair Marvin NC is here to help. We are excited that we can serve all over Marvin, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and outstanding garage door repairs or maintenance to everyone in the city. Call us anytime day or night to have speedy and dependable same day service to your garage door!

Signs You Need New Springs For Your Garage Door

The springs on your garage door are an important component to the safety and function of your garage door. When the springs get old or damaged they make your family more susceptible to an accidental injury and further damage to the home. That is because the springs stretch out or uncoil when the garage door opens and closes so if they break they could fly off with a ton of force. We want to keep your family safe and your property damage free. So what should you look for to figure out if your springs are getting old? Before we talk about that it’s important to know what kind of springs you have and should check. There are two types of springs and they come with subtypes. They are as follows:

Extension Garage Door Springs

  • Clipped Ends
  • Double Looped
  • Open Looped

Torsion Garage Door Springs

  • Early Set Torsion Spring
  • Standard Garage Door Torsion Springs
  • Torquemaster Torsion Spring
  • Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs
Now that you are aware of the different springs your garage door has, it is now time to check them. When you’re checking for torsion spring wear and tear it is important to disengage your automatic garage door opener first and raise the door with manual force. The key thing to look for is if the door stays in an up position without you having to hold it up. There should also be little movement from the garage door in this position too. Another way to check torsion springs is by moving the door to a mid-level position where it is halfway raised and lowered. The door shouldn’t feel heavy and should stay up on its own if it does then the torsion springs may be on the verge of breaking. However, if it feels too light they can be a sign that the springs are improperly sized for the garage door. Extension springs have similar symptoms to torsion springs when they are about to break, but there are some unique signs to look for. You’ll want to check for any gaps in the coils and the alignment of the door.

Which Parts On A Garage Door Need The Most Maintenance?

There are certain parts of your garage door you’ll want to check regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. Our team will come out to your home and check these parts:
  • Sensors
  • Eye Sensors
  • Chain or Drive Screw
  • Rubber Weather-stripping
Of course they will look at more than just the ones listed, but this should give you a good idea.

How Often Should I Get My Garage Door Serviced?

If there are no issues with your garage door then we recommend getting your door serviced at least once a year. That is because preventative maintenance will prolong the life of your door and keep the need for costly repairs down.

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